Entertainment Packages

Entertainment packages may be tailored to suit your specific needs and themes! We can organize small gathering performances to large upscale theatrical productions. We entertain for all events and accommodate audiences of all ages. For more information or to book entertainment contact us 808-234-1006.

Lessons with Malia

Malia Delapenia

     Hawaii’s premier belly dancer is an acclaimed professional performing artist, instructor and choreographer based in Honolulu Hawaii. She has been showcased in countless corporate and private events, television, theater and concert stages throughout the US. Her performances have been described as "Elegant” “Passionate” and “ A Timeless Expression of Belly Dance”. Malia’s enduring professionalism, dependability and engaging presence have made her a sought after performer and choreographer.

     Growing up in Hawaii, Malia was surrounded by music and dance and it was this influence that allowed her to find her passion in the performing arts. Her introduction to Middle- Eastern Culture came in 1999, since then, she has studied with some of the top instructors in the world and has performed with award winning belly dancers world-wide.
     When Malia isn’t performing she is teaching beginner to advanced dancers from around the world. She is known for her intrinsically motivating teaching techniques bringing energy and fun to each of her classes. You can take one of Malia Delapenia’s belly dance classes here locally in Honolulu or at one of her numerous touring workshops through out the US.

     Malia has designed an exciting lesson format. She fuses all styles of belly dance techniques into one, creating a unique style that will keep you coming back for more. Her classes are welcoming, supporting, and nurturing as you learn about your body and how it moves within the different body planes and beyond.

     Classes begin with full body warm-ups using yoga inspired stretches. After the warm-up, Malia directs the class in drills of belly dance moves to perfect basic techniques of this exotic Middle-Eastern dance. Malia will work with your body movements and teach you how to make them look effortless and unique to your figure. After the drills Malia will provide you with more individual attention to improve your techniques. The entire class moves at an enjoyable pace for each participant to enjoy the experience of being feminine and expressing yourself in your unique way.


BellyDance Class Tips

Attitude: Be ready to sweat and have fun!

Attire: Clothing that is cool and comfortable and you may show your torso if you feel comfortable.

Footwear: Bare feet recommended. Aerobic shoes or dance heels may be worn.

Accessories: Hip scarves may be worn to accentuate your hip movements, all styles accepted.

Food and Beverages: No food or drinks near dance floor, non-breakable containers with lids are approved.

Personal Belongings: Please do not leave anything where it could present a safety hazard. Malia or dance studio will not be responsible for your personal property.

Children: No children allowed in studio while class is in progress.

Payment: Cash, Check, Credit/Debit Cards accepted.


Show Package
$200.00 Professional solo performance 1 Set (3-4 Dances)
Includes intriguing upbeat intro, exciting veil dance, drum solo, and fun finale, great for small events!

*Live Percussionist Add On: (3-4 songs, 1 set) $150.00

Entertainment Package

$545.00  Professional trio performance (3 dancers, 4 dances, 1 set)

Includes show package plus many more different styles of Middle Eastern dance, along with fun props such as sword or tray dance. Great for medium sized events.

Full Performance Package:
$900.00 Professional quintet performance with live drummer (6-7 dances, 1 set, 5 performers)
Includes solos, duets and extra entertaining numbers in many different styles! Perfect for those very special large events!

Party Performance Package:

$300.00 Solo performance ( 1-2 dances, 1 set) and group lesson (20-25 minutes)

Designed specially for Bridal showers or Ladies night out! (hip scarves will be provided!) 

Party Dance Class Package:

$250.00 Fun group lesson (40-45 minutes)

Designed specially for Bridal showers or Ladies night out! (hip scarves and veils will be provided!) 

Photo Opportunities:

Have our beautiful performers greet and pose for photos with your guests $125 per hour per dancer